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14.03.20 - 31.12.20

Coronavirus rules at GC

The rules for the time after the alarmstate are fix now. We will establish this rules in Paso Chico as well. Basic rules for all tourists are available as well and this is what you need to know:

⁃ Every tourist need to fill out a form as soon as he arrives in spain
⁃ In every Airport the authorities can demand a COVID-19 test from tourists, which will be realized at the Airport.
⁃ You MUST wear nearly everywhere a Facemask. At the Beach/Pools and in Nature you can leave the mask if you can gurantee a social distance of at least 1,5 meters, the way to the beach and a walk across the beach the mask is obligated!
⁃ At the beaches there are the same securety rules established!

In Paso Chico:

⁃ At check in you need to wear a mask
⁃ Room cleaning can only be realized, if there is nobody in the room. This means you will have to leave for the time of cleaning.
⁃ We are forced to take away extras: Blankets in the wardrobe & some small things which are not conforming with the hygienic rules.
⁃ The doors to the streets are separatet in One Entry and one Exit in Paso Chico
⁃ at the Pool there is a social distance rule, we try to make it as pleasant as possible. The change of Sun loungers positions are prohibited to garantize the social distancing.
⁃ Bungalows can only be used from roommates (external visitors are not allowed)
⁃ Aglomaration needs to be avoided by any means
⁃ In case you show symptoms (sore throat, fiber or difficulties of breathing), DON'T LEAVE the Bungalow. The authorities must be informed. They will also inform about next steps.

All established rules are active until further notice. This may only be happen as soon there is an effective vacine against COVID-19. If you are not following the rules the local authorities (Police / Guardia Civil) can sancionize you with a penalty fee.

Only on our Website you can book our Standard-Rate with a free cancellation possibility of 14 days before arrival. After the rules are deleted the old cancellation window of 28 days will be active again. This Rate-Type is the MOST RECOMENDED for the Coronatime! Till THE END of the Year 2020 (31. December) we have eleminated the prepayments for ECO-Rate as well!
09.11.20 - 15.11.20

WinterPride 2020

12.03.21 - 21.03.21

Bear Carnival 2021

Book our "Early Bird" Rate and get a discout between 10 and 15 % addicional!

Stay 10 till 13 nights = 10 %
From 14 nights = 15 %
All full automatic via our Booking engine!
30.04.21 - 23.05.21

Carnival Las Palmas 2021

First time for COVID-19 in Summer!
06.05.21 - 16.05.21

Gaypride Maspalomas 2021

Get 10% discount as soon you stay 10 nights! Only for the rate types ECO, DELUXE and EarlyBird!
01.10.21 - 10.10.21

Maspalomas Fetish Week

Get 10% discount as soon you stay 10 nights! Only for the rate types ECO, DELUXE and EarlyBird!
06.11.21 - 14.11.21

WinterPride 2021

Get 10% discount as soon you stay 10 nights! Only for the rate types ECO, DELUXE and EarlyBird! For the Days 6 - 14 Nov!